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Welcome to Marotta, s. r. o.

Recycling plastics since 1997

We are a Czech family company Marotta, s.r.o.

From the very beginning we have been processing PVC, specifically PVC profiles from the production of windows and doors. Currently we process about 350 tons of PVC per month in our production plant in Pěnčín near Prostějov.

Our main production program is recycling:

  • plastic windows and doors
  • technological PVC waste

The generated PVC raw material in the form of pulp, powder and regranulate is used for direct processing in extrusion of profiles, pipes, plates.

PVC raw materials are produced in accordance with ISO standards, which are verified in the company laboratory.

Recycling of plastics



Plastic granulates are used to make plastic products that can carry the label "made from recycled material".


Plastic crumb is used as an input material for the further production of plastic products in many industries.

PVC powder

A very fine fraction of PVC ready to be used as raw material for the production of high quality products especially by extrusion.


Where to find us?


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